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bit more info to help you prapare your work

if you need more info let me know please

studios located in basement with no daylight

great to control your light... and feel like a Batman :)

to keep photographers and models in good active condition there's no lift in building and approx 50 steps on the way ;)

mobile phones reception is not great... some of the networks work fine... some ot them not. nice and quiet in studio during shooting but Wi-Fi available in both studios if you need to stay online


please contact me and let me know when do you need it and what kind of project you have

if you like to have studio booked and locked for you in 100%
I require full payment. Then studio will wait for you and will not be offered to other clients for that day.

or I can just pencil your date in calendar but studio is still available for others to full book/lock


studios has great public transport links

5 mins walk to high street with bus-stops

Kentish Town West - overground

Kentish Town - trains and undergound station (Nothern Line)


studios has access to shared toilet facilities

I recomend do not keep it to last second because toilets located one level up over studio :)

3 cabins in total so no cue noticed


studios has access to shared kitchen facilities with microwave, fridge, catle available

again one level up over studio

but if you don't want to make a tea or cofee you can walk

5 mins to high street where you find cofe-shops, fast food, shops and restaurants


studios located in Central London so parking space very limited :(

if you can't travel by public transport maybe use a cab (or uber)

if you like to come by your car you can drop your stuff (if needed) on main gate (I'll be there to help you) and you can book parking space near studio on www.justpark.com full day parking costs around £10

also approx 5 mins away some places with free parking on the street from 11am (usually no problem with parking but I can't guarantee you will find free space on your day)

parking on the street also available but with max 2h parking :( then you have to repark your car


if you like to hire a studio I believe you know what to do :)

I will help you with setup if you need it and then you will work by yourself (or with your team)

but of course I'm around in case of emergency


I always prapare studios in nice and clean condition... and I expect same condition after your work :)

if studio will require some deeper cleaning I will charge extra £20 for it

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