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Some information to help you prepare for your studio session, for further information please contact me.


The studios are located in the basement with no daylight, but there is plenty of lighting equipment available to control the light. The studio space is pleasant and quiet (but not sound-proof).

There is no lift in the building and three flights of stairs, approximately 50 steps. Mobile phone reception is somewhat limited for some network providers, but Wi-Fi is available in both studios if you need to stay connected.


Please contact me and let me know when you would like to book in for as well as what kind of project you have in mind.

In order to guarantee your studio booking slot I would require 100% full payment upfront please. The studio session will then be locked in for you and will not be offered to any other clients for that day. Otherwise, I can just pencil in your requested date but the studio will then remain available for other clients to book in.


The studios have great links to public transport,

located just a 5 minutes walk from tube station and just a few mins walk to Kentish Town Road for bus route connections.

Kentish Town West - overground

Kentish Town - trains and undergound station (Nothern Line)


There is shared access to 3 toilets within the building one level above the studios.


There is shared access to kitchen facilities within the building. The kitchen has a microwave, fridge and kettle, again one level above the studios.

There are also plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and take away food places only a few minutes walk located on Kentish Town Road.


The studios are located in central London so parking spaces are very limited. If you would like to drive in, you may drop your things next to the main gate, I will also be there to help you. There are pay by phone parking bays nearby, but these have a maximum of 2 hours per parking session and you will then need to move your vehicle to another spot.  It may be more cost effective to book a parking space near to the studios on where parking for a full day costs around £10.00. There are also some free street parking spaces from 11am, just 5 minutes away from the studio location but there is no guarantee there will be availability on any given day.


If you would like to hire a studio, please get in touch. I am more than happy to help you with the setup if required and then you will work by yourself or with your team. If needed, of course I am around in case of an emergency.


The studios are always left in a nice and clean condition,

and I would expect the studio to be left in the same state please after the completion of your session. If the studios require more extensive cleaning, there will be an additional charge of £20 levied.



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kitchen facilites



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